In the colonial days, it was customary to carve or hang a niche (or nicho) in the walls of a home featuring the image of a saint to bless the house.

Nichos are usually painted with bright colors with a central figure who is honored or remembered, such as saints and folk heroes.

Nichos are made of objects that can be easily purchased or scavenged in the home or community; reflecting a personal and humble style. The shadow box may be converted from a cigar box or recycled tin and glass. The borders may include sequins, glitter, and small bric-a-brac like milagro charms, beads and other manufactured and found objects.

Cielito Lindo Estudio's nichos extend this tradition with humorous and traditional pieces incorporating traditional Mexican folk sayings, iconic images like the great painter Frida Kahlo, religious artifacts, as well as cultural items such as loteria cards (a Mexican game similar to Bingo).

Add a personal touch to your home with colorful art made with pieces of Mexico (and its vibrant culture). Begin your Cielito Lindo Estudio nicho collection today.